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Posted 9/29/2020 12:55pm by Rachel Nass.

Hi All,

Tonight is our twelfth CSA distribution! Please note: today's distribution will occur at 14 East 28th Street (between Madison Ave and 5th Ave) due to a schedule conflict with our gallery space. We are across the street from Bourke Street Bakery. Pickup will occur in the lobby of the building.  

Please see below for this week's produce list:

  • Pac Choi
  • Cauliflower  New Fall Crop!!
  • Yellow Onions 
  • Ginger (if you are not going to use, peel, cut into half inch pieces and freeze)
  • Mixed Carrots
  • Mixed Potatoes
  • Carnival Winter Squash  A gorgeous outer skin with beautiful orange flesh,  Carnival is similar in taste to an Acorn Squash, so if looking online for recipes feel free to sub.  Think maple syrup, butter and brown sugar!
    • How to cook Carnival Winter Squash 
      • Preheat the oven to 375 F.
      • Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil.
      • Cut off the ends of the squash and slice it in half lengthwise. Scoop out seeds. If desired, slice the halves in half again.
      • Brush each cut side with melted butter or olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. If desired, sprinkle with a little brown sugar and/or drizzle with maple syrup.
      • Place the carnival squash halves or quarters on the baking sheet, cut side up.
      • Bake for 25 to 35 minutes, or until tender.
  • Mixed Kales 
  • Pea Shoots ( A great addition to salads or sandwiches)   This is the perfect stir-fry box...  Cauliflower, Onions Ginger, Pac Choi.  When done cooking toss in the pea shoots!  
  • Fruit Shares Contain:
    • Ginger Gold Apples
    • Grapes 
    • Flemish Beauty Pears 
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
A few reminders around pickup:
  • Please be sure to wear a face mask or covering before entering the area!
  • When you arrive, please check in with the staff member present (Chelsea Pacheco) to make sure we count you!
  • Pickup will occur between 4:30pm-7:30pm. If more than a handful of members are inside the pick up area, we may ask arriving members to wait outside or return shortly. 
  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Miguel at mfores@breakingground.org or Chelsea at cpacheco@breakingground.org!  

Have a good evening!



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